Such a sense of accomplishment!

What, you may ask, does such a home improvement project have to do with the business of Maximal Living?

First of all, I’ve been getting some questions about when the production of woodcrafts for sale would be happening, so that’s more imminent now that this weather-dependent project is complete!

I also thought it would be worth sharing this example as something I’ve created in my own life that I LOVE, that has resolved a long-term (20 year) state of ‘longing & discontent’.

From the quantum energy field perspective, where it’s so important to stay focused on positive, high-vibrational thoughts and feelings (read about the law of attraction for more details), it is important to notice things in our lives and our living environments that have a positive and negative impact on how we feel.  In this example, for probably 20 of the 22 summers we’ve lived in our house, I’ve looked at the path, allowing it to have a negative effect on my feelings and mood, frustrated by the never-ending struggle with weeds, indecisive about what to do about it, not wanting to spend a lot of money on it, and wanting to make sure whatever I did would be environmentally friendly.  In reflecting on the question of possibilities “How could I cover the ground with natural stone and not spend much money?”, I was led to finding a local source of limestone that a construction company was piling up and trucking away, so they didn’t mind people coming in after hours to take some for home use.  I was able to obtain enough over the course of the 6 weeks I was working on it to complete the project, and the material between the limestone is calcite “sand”, also freely available from a local calcite mine.  So, zero cost except the gas to retrieve materials, and all natural!

Although it will soon be covered with snow and ice, I’m SO excited to have this done, and very much looking forward to a weed-free walkway all next spring/summer and beyond!

What would you love to create in your life (or what are your sources of longing and discontent)?  Watch for a January special on coaching sessions to help you define an action plan to move in that direction!